The Gemmill Family Farm is a 6 acre tree farm established in 1998. Our property is at an elevation of 800 in the foothills of the Oregon Coast range, which is an ideal climate zone for growing Noble Fir trees. We sell a few trees on the wholesale market, but we really appreciate building relationships directly with our consumers.

We approach Christmas tree farming a little different than most other farms - we don't use any pesticides or herbicides. Instead, we strive to establish a more natural ecosystem for our tree to grow in. You may ask - "Why worry about it, I'm not going to eat the tree?". The answer is threefold:

1) It results in fewer pollutants being brought into your home.

2) It's better (much better) for the environment.

3) We live smack dab in the middle of the field. My children play in the fields. The pesticides (if we were to use any) would infiltrate the groundwater and end up in my food and water.